Nation’s First Wholesale-Only Network

LightSquared will operate a wholesale-only business model, making it the sole wireless provider of its kind in the U.S. market.

With LightSquared, partners who do not have their own wireless network or who have limited geographic coverage or spectrum can market and sell their own products using the LightSquared network—at a competitive price and without retail competition from LightSquared. From national retailers to PC manufacturers, existing to emerging telecommunication companies, partners can multiply their potential by acquiring network capacity from LightSquared.

Supporting the Interests of Partners

LightSquared will complement all existing and emerging players in the wireless market by operating on a wholesale basis exclusively. This avoids the conflict of interest experienced by other wireless operators that offer wholesale services in addition to their own retail business. It also allows LightSquared to focus on developing individual, tailored, and cost-effective solutions for its business partners—LightSquared will succeed only as its partners do. In turn, end users can enjoy the benefits of innovation and increasing competition.

With the wholesale-only model, LightSquared will offer partners access to a full nationwide LTE network at a competitive price, without the prohibitive cost of deploying their own network—all while allowing partners to own the relationship with the end user.

Competition, Encouraged

Today wireless communications in the U.S. are dominated by a handful of cellular telephone companies. With the creation of LightSquared and its wholesale-only business model, America will finally see greater competition in the wireless marketplace.

LightSquared is bringing competition and choice to an industry that is ready for change. This will result in new revenue opportunities for partners of LightSquared, along with the benefits of increasing competition, innovation, and choice for end users.


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