A Revolutionary Approach to Mobile Broadband

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First Truly Open, Wholesale-Only Network

LightSquared is building the only national 4G-LTE open wireless broadband network that incorporates nationwide satellite coverage and offers people the speed, value and reliability of universal connectivity, wherever they are in the United States. Through its wholesale-only business model, those without their own wireless network or who have limited geographic coverage or spectrum can market and sell their own devices, applications and services using the LightSquared network—at a competitive price and without retail competition from LightSquared.

Convenient Connectivity For All

LightSquared enables manufacturers and retailers to provide a one-box solution for consumers, while creating new customer relationships and ongoing revenue streams for themselves. Because it is a completely open network, partners can develop their own devices, applications, and services that use the LightSquared network.

For example, by partnering with LightSquared, retailers will be able to sell devices bundled with service, enabling potential new recurring revenue streams for every device while maintaining full ownership of their customers. Telecommunications service providers can expand their coverage and capabilities via LightSquared’s nationwide 4G network without massive capital outlays. Device manufacturers can launch innovative and integrated devices, bundled with content and broadband service, while ensuring full ownership of their customer relationships.


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