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Sharp and LightSquared: Cutting Edge Collaboration

By Martin Harriman, Former Executive Vice President of Ecosystem Development and Satellite Business
October 3, 2011

Every day, consumer electronics companies are launching new devices with ground-breaking designs and compelling features that are capturing the imagination of consumers.

At the top of that list of companies is Sharp, and today we announced that we will be collaborating with them to develop innovative new smartphones and tablets that will run on LightSquared’s network. Sharp will call on its rich history of delivering unique and ground-breaking consumer electronics products by offering our partners an innovative portfolio of devices that will incorporate cutting-edge technologies such as Sharp’s LCD panel and camera module. These products will be developed using chipsets that support LightSquared’s L-band network.

This is a very exciting announcement for LightSquared. Not only are we collaborating with one of the premier companies in the consumer electronics space, but current and future LightSquared partners will now be able to offer a broad range of Sharp’s eye-catching devices to their customers. These devices will also complement LightSquared’s existing product portfolio featuring USB data modems and embedded modules.

Our collaboration with Sharp also highlights the significant impact that LightSquared will have on the wireless industry. With our unique combination of an open, unrestricted network, wholesale-only business model and rapidly expanding roster of wholesale partners, LightSquared presented Sharp with a strategic opportunity to break into the US wireless market and aggressively expand their presence in mobile devices.

The U.S. wireless industry is at an inflection point, with over-subscribed networks threatening to stall American innovation and stifle the demands of consumers for devices with the latest and greatest features. The LightSquared network will not only address this issue by providing high-quality and affordable broadband access for all Americans, but also provide companies like Sharp with a robust platform to deliver innovative devices to consumers.

LightSquared has now signed 17 agreements with a diverse range of partners who are eager to use our open network to develop new devices, services and applications, and level the wireless industry’s competitive playing field.

Next week at CTIA in San Diego we plan to provide additional details on our exciting collaboration with Sharp and showcase some of their devices. We hope to see you there.

Martin Harriman is the former executive vice president of ecosystem development and satellite business.



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