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LightSquared and the United States GPS Industry Council File Their First Joint Report to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC)

RESTON, Va., March 1, 2011–LightSquared, the nation’s first wholesale-only integrated wireless broadband and satellite network provider, and the United States Global Positioning System (GPS) Industry Council (USGIC), the leading organization worldwide representing the interests of the satellite navigation industry and users, announced both the filing of their first joint report as required by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the formation of a technical working group required by the FCC.

Last month the FCC granted LightSquared’s waiver to integrate terrestrial broadband network wireless services with satellite communications along with a requirement to complete an interference study. The grant required several interested parties who use neighboring radio spectrum to establish a working group to fully study potential interference concerns and, in particular, to identify any measures necessary to prevent potential interference to GPS.

LightSquared and the USGIC, working cooperatively, issued their first joint filing to the FCC Friday, February 25. It outlines the key milestones for the overall analyses that they plan to conduct together. The next report will be filed in March, and it will provide the FCC with details about test plans and procedures. Joint filings providing progress reports will be delivered to the FCC each month, with the final report due June 15, 2011.

About LightSquared
LightSquared’s mission is to revolutionize the U.S. wireless industry. Through the creation of the first-ever wholesale-only nationwide 4G-LTE network complemented by satellite coverage, LightSquared offers people the speed, value, and reliability of universal broadband connectivity, wherever they are in the United States. Through its wholesale-only business model, those without their own wireless network or who have limited geographic coverage or spectrum can develop and sell their own devices, applications, and services using LightSquared’s open 4G network—at a competitive cost and without retail competition from LightSquared.

For further information about LightSquared, please go to www.LightSquared.com.

Established in 1991, the United States Global Positioning System (GPS) Industry Council (USGIC) is the leading organization worldwide representing the interests of the satellite navigation industry manufacturers and users. The USGIC serves as an information resource on GPS technology and applications to the United States and international governments on national and international policies, regulation, and practices affecting market-driven innovation in the satellite navigation-based technologies and applications.

For further information about USGIC, please contact either: F. Michael Swiek, Executive Director, USGIC, at: mswiek@mike-intl.com or Raul Rodriguez, Legal Counsel, USGIC at: RRodriguez@Lerman.Senter.com.

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Audrey Fix Schaefer
Email: audrey@schaefer.com

Forward Looking Statement:
This release contains forward-looking statements and information regarding LightSquared and its business. Such statements are based on the current expectations and certain assumptions of LightSquared’s management and are, therefore, subject to certain risks and uncertainties. The forward-looking statements expressed herein relate only to information as of the date of this release. LightSquared has no obligation to update these forward-looking statements to reflect events or circumstances after the date of this release, nor is there any assurance that the plans or strategies discussed in this release will not change.


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  • “If the FCC truly wants more spectrum … in the wireless market, it will grant LightSquared permission to operate.” –Scott Wallsten, The Hill (9.25.15)
  • “The LightSquared spectrum, because it is licensed and doesn't need to be auctioned, can be deployed for mobile broadband far more quickly than other spectrum blocks …The failure of the FCC to do what is necessary to bring the LightSquared spectrum online is costing consumers an estimated $120 billion in foregone benefits.” –Dr. Thomas M. Lenard, The Hill (9.22.15)


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