Martin Harriman

Martin Harriman, Former Executive Vice President of Ecosystem Development and Satellite Business

Martin Harriman is the former executive vice president of ecosystem development and satellite business.

Independent Tests Validate Coexistence with GPS

Just a few months ago, some said LightSquared would never be able to solve the GPS interference issue. But with the help of several innovative companies, LightSquared has proven that an engineering solution is possible. For the past three weeks, LightSquared has been testing several devices in one of the most sophisticated testing facilities

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Innovation and Engineering Solve GPS Issue

In the last few weeks, several innovative companies have stepped forward with multiple solutions to LightSquared’s interference problems with GPS. These announcements, from Javad GNSS, Partron America and PCTEL Inc., fundamentally undermine claims by our critics that the interference issue can’t be fixed.
We have already solved the problem on our own for the

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Sharp and LightSquared: Cutting Edge Collaboration

Every day, consumer electronics companies are launching new devices with ground-breaking designs and compelling features that are capturing the imagination of consumers.
At the top of that list of companies is Sharp, and today we announced that we will be collaborating with them to develop innovative new smartphones and tablets that will run on LightSquared’s network.

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Spectrum Scarcity and the Consumer

Can you imagine having to wait your turn to make a mobile phone call? It may seem like a far-fetched concept, but it’s a practical reality in many large urban areas where completing a call during peak times has become a frustrating challenge. After years of double digit growth, the nation’s wireless networks simply don’t

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The Spectrum Story

In less than two decades, spectrum – the airwaves we use for wireless communication – has come under unprecedented demand.  In just the next four years, U.S. wireless data usage is expected to grow 4,000 percent. This country, like others around the world, just didn’t anticipate that hundreds of millions of people would be walking

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