Jeff Carlisle

Jeff Carlisle, Executive Vice President for Regulatory Affairs and Public Policy

Jeff Carlisle serves as LightSquared’s executive vice president for regulatory affairs and public policy. Carlisle, who previously served as vice president of regulatory affairs for SkyTerra, is responsible for all domestic and international regulatory and policy matters including those at the FCC, Congress, the Executive Branch, the ITU and in foreign markets.

Elected Officials, Business Leaders Ask FCC To Support LightSquared’s Network

LightSquared’s network continues to receive strong support from around the country. Members of Congress and state elected officials from both parties are urging the Federal Communications Commission to resolve remaining hurdles so we can roll out our network and bring 4G-LTE wireless broadband to 260 million Americans by 2015.
Among those weighing in was Rep. John

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GPS: Too Big to Fail

GPS in America has become “too big to fail.” This is not an endorsement – it’s a sad fact. Like Wall Street, the manufacturers of GPS devices have spent years profiting off of vulnerable technology and are now seeking protection from the government instead of implementing the necessary reforms. This will

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LightSquared Seeks to Confirm Rights as Spectrum Licensee

LightSquared has spent the past year conducting and participating in studies to ensure our network operates within our spectrum, and within the rule of law. We have scientifically proven that GPS interference is not caused by our signal going into GPS’s spectrum, but because GPS devices look into our spectrum. They don’t stay in their

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ITIF Filing Supports Spectrum Solution

After several years of working in the Washington regulatory environment, both on staff at the Federal Communications Commission and now here at LightSquared, I’ve become accustomed to what is usually an adversarial process. For the most part, I have come to believe our critics are mostly people of good faith who see things differently –

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LightSquared Broadband Plan Gains Momentum

More and more Americans are getting excited about LightSquared’s nationwide broadband wireless network. In recent weeks, hundreds of elected officials, public safety officers and community leaders have written to the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to support the effort to find a technical solution that will allow LightSquared to move forward with our 4G-LTE network. As

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