Our Vision

LightSquared will unleash the boundless opportunity of wireless broadband connectivity for all. We believe that it is time to transform the broadband industry to one that truly fosters innovation, creativity, and freedom of choice— with limitless and unimaginable possibilities. Our name captures the exponential power that an open wireless broadband network brings to the United States and the world.

Broadband for All

Today, not all Americans have access to broadband connectivity. In fact, the United States is ranked 20th worldwide in providing broadband to its citizens. But that’s about to change. We will offer nationwide wireless coverage through our satellite service and 4G LTE terrestrial.

Corporate Social Responsibility

LightSquared is committed to the principle that all of us share in the responsibility to conduct our business in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. To LightSquared, “corporate social responsibility” is used to describe our approach to balancing our business objectives with our commitment to society, the environment and our community. LightSquared is fully engaged in incorporating corporate social responsibility into every major facet of our business. This is why community engagement is embedded in our Corporate Culture and our Core Values. LightSquared encourages dynamic and creative support for both local and national community efforts as a business and by our employee team.

LightSquared invests philanthropic resources in the areas most relevant to our business, customers and employees as efficiently and effectively as possible. Through corporate giving, national community partnership and employee volunteerism, LightSquared is committed to making a real difference in communities across the country. We also encourage our employees to take an active role in our communities.


“Permitting LightSquared to move forward expeditiously would not only introduce new competition, it would help ensure that existing smaller, rural and regional wireless carriers remain competitive with the major national carriers.”

  Rural Cellular Association, August 15, 2011
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