Transforming the U.S. Wireless Industry

LightSquared is building a state-of-the-art open wireless broadband network. This open network will unleash the full power of the mobile Internet, driving innovation in devices, applications, and services. LightSquared will offer network capacity on a wholesale-only basis to a variety of business partners.

Future-Ready Infrastructure

LightSquared will deploy an open wireless broadband network using a technology called Long Term Evolution (LTE), the most widely adopted 4G standard in the world. Its LTE network will be combined with one of the largest commercial satellites ever launched, to provide coverage of the entire United States. This integrated LTE-satellite network is a world first.

Wholesale-Only Business Model

LightSquared will complement all existing and emerging players in the wireless market by operating on a wholesale basis exclusively, thereby avoiding any conflict of interest. This allows LightSquared to focus on developing individual, tailored, and cost-effective solutions for its business partners—LightSquared will be only as successful as they are. In turn, end users can enjoy the benefits of innovation and increasing competition.

Truly Opening the Mobile Internet

Built from the ground up, the LightSquared network is designed to support present-day and emerging wireless devices without restrictions. Its open wireless ecosystem removes existing barriers to the development of innovative applications and services in the mobile Internet space.

Impact on Americans

LightSquared will build out its own nationwide wireless network of base stations. The deployment and management of the LightSquared network is anticipated to generate thousands of direct and indirect private sector jobs. As stated in the FCC’s National Broadband Plan, “Broadband can and must serve as a foundation for long-term economic growth, ongoing investment, and enduring job creation.” The LightSquared network will demonstrate the reality of that policy goal.

Its integrated LTE-satellite network will serve critical public sector needs such as emergency preparedness and seamless communications in times of crisis.

LightSquared will revolutionize the way Americans connect with each other and with the world. LightSquared will offer people the value, freedom of movement, and excitement of connectivity, wherever they are in the United States. On the LightSquared network, Americans will be able to count on reliable wireless connections to strengthen bonds, share culture, educate and entertain themselves, and realize their dreams.

LightSquared fully supports the FCC’s National Broadband Plan. Its goal is to bring broadband to all Americans.


“In a world of vertically integrated wireless carriers, LightSquared plans to revolutionize the mobile Internet with a horizontal model that offers customers a “wholesale-only” 4G long-term evolution (LTE) terrestrial network that is complemented with satellite.”

  Ticonderoga Securities, “Industry Update, Networking & IT Hardware,” March 24, 2011
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